New UI Released

We have updated the web interface of the entire Matgen platform. The old Matgen UI is still retained, and the acccss entry is here.

3DStructGen v2.0 Released

The improved version of 3DStructgen has been released. Important features, e.g., WebGL rendering, Protein visualization, 2D materials building, etc., are supported. More detail can be found on this page.


DFT Database Update

The Following properties of materials have been published: Fermi Energy/Energy/Formation Energy/(XRD)X-Ray Diffraction Spectra/(PDF) Pair Distribution Functions.

Fermi Surface Database Released

About 18900 inorganic structures containing fermi surface can be viewed online. By using WebGL technology, Fermi surfaces are visualized online with high throughput. This APP is colorful and dazzling.

Matgen Platform Released

The Matgen platform is firstly released on 4th forum of Materials Genome Engineering at Mianyang city, Sichuan province. About 12 Apps can be accessed online.